Namibia does not only provide ideal conditions for flying all over the year but it also attracts everyone by its natural varieties, its game parks and its numerous opportunities for new adventures and experiences by exploring this wonderful country with an aircraft.

The flights are undertaken by yourself or with professional pilots (safety-pilots). You can charter a Cessna 172 (high wing single engine aircraft) with an excellent view.

We offer flights where you can fly themselves or with a professional pilots (safety pilot).

You can charter a Cessna 172 (single engine high wing aircraft), in which you have an excellent view over the landscape of Namibia.

Depart Eros to fly over the Khomas Highlands. We descend into the Namib Desert and overfly the Kuiseb Canyon, Tsondap Pan and Sossusvlei (highest sand dunes in the world). Return flight over the Naukluft Mountains to Windhoek. This route has a total change of scenery every 20 minutes, what you find only in Namibia.

Several hotels, private pensions and guesthouses are offering accommodation and boarding to affordable prices.

Additionally, NATA is running a hostel with limited capacity (12 rooms) and boarding services.

Transportation from the town Keetmanshoop to the training centre at the airport is provided by NATA. A public swimming pool, tennis courts and other leisure facilities are available for everyone. Excursions to tourist attractions as well as horse riding can be arranged on request.

Price per person on request.